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HomeAbout UsFeedbackNewsletter Coveside “Bat”chelor Pad | Bat House | Bat Box Item Description Conservation Bats are in need of protection if they are to live on. They have proven themselves as valuable members of our ecosystem, and we will have to increase the awareness of people who have the ability to offer protection to or to destroy these little creatures. Bats are declining, world-wide, at an alarming rate, because of human misunderstanding. They have usually only one offspring per year, making their comeback slow and in need of our help. The walls are thick to keep the interior warm. They are rough-sawn to provide a surface for the bats to hang onto. Inside are several partitions, because bats like narrow spaces, and this allows more surface room for roosting bats. The houses are open at the bottom to get rid of the need for cleaning, and to prevent birds from nesting in the house. Main Features Houses up to 30 bats in a single chamberLarge screened landing padRoughened interior surfaceEcholocation slotDimensions: 20 x 10 x 3-Inches Specification Manufacturer: Coveside Conservation ProductsShipping Weight (pound) : 4.2 Shipping Dimensions: Width: 9.00 Length: 20.00 Height: 5.00 Best Buying Practices Your expectations are very important for us to meet, so please you’ll want to check the following? Be sure to look at the text as most important over the picture if there is any question as to what is included.Your address that you take a look at with will have to be the address that you want the item to be shipped to.Read all selling policies and Be sure to be mindful them. Shipping Details Every product is shipped from a US based location with the best shipping method chosen for each product. We strive to get your order out within 24 hours if conceivable once we have received your payment in full for the purchase. As mentioned, shipping carrier can vary depending on address location, destination, and type of shipping speed paid for. We never charge for shipping, so you’ll rest assured knowing that it’s going to at all times be free through us (not including global shipping program). We are super excited to deal with each and every one of our customers, as you’ll see from our stellar feedback rating. About Us What once started out as a small shop that would sell numerous bargain priced products, we expanded out into the online retailing market shortly after. Our core principals remain, which is to honor our customer through providing excellent service and a fast delivery. If you want to talk with us for any reason, please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns about your purchase. We are very quick to respond and even quicker to deal with any issue that might occur. 30 DAYS RETURN & REFUND POLICY We stand by our products by honoring out 30 day return or exchange program. You have the freedom to choose between either a full return and refund or you’ll ask for an exchange. Unfortunately, we cannot cover postage in the price of the return for products that are defective and returned. If you want to return a defective item, please Be sure to mark as factory defect even as returning the item. We will have to emphasize that this can be very important to Be sure to that ask for a return very quickly and to not delay past the 30 day mark as we cannot accept it once it is past that date. Upon arrival and inspection of a return, we need up to 7 days to finalize and get you your refund. As expected, any return will have to come with all components in tact that were originally shipped out. Excluding all of that, you are very important to us as a customer, so please just needless to say to ask and reach out when you’ve got anything that needs attention. OUR GUARANTEE We guarantee that you are going to be happy with your product, in a different way you’ll return it for a full refund (inside of 30 days). We are in the business of good happy customer relationships, so please reach out to us before leaving any negative feedback to give us an opportunity to help correct any situation that might come up. Once we get you message that you want help, please expect that we can be reaching out asap to help deal with you and resolving your product related or shipping issues. Also, when you’ve got a great experience, please needless to say to leave us positive feedback as we have done as well for you once we receive your payment. By purchasing this item you agree to the terms and conditions stated above. Happy Shopping! Copyright ? Lightning Products All Rights Reserved


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